Ironcore Linear Motor (PIX150B Series)

  • Ironcore Motor
  • Peak force up to 1588N, Continuous force up to 454N
  • Hall Sensor (Optional)

Heavy-Duty Motors For Hi-Speed Point-To-Point Applications

PIX B Ironcore motors offer an affordable high force solution to demanding linear applications with an anti-cogging effect that is associated with traditional iron core linear motors.

Our Ironcore is designed for optimal dissipation of heat and thus capable of extremely high forces. These motor coils are manufactured with high flex cables and optional external hall effect attachments widely used in multiple general automation applications.

Modular Flat Magnet tracks are available in different length increments to complete this product selection and allow for easy assembly of un-restricted effective stroke by butting tracks of different lengths together.

  • High Power Density
  • Anti-cogging design for smooth operation
  • Efficient cooling system
  • Modular hall sensor
  • High speed, acceleration and fast response
  • High Synchronous run
  • Zero backlash – direct drive technology
  • Maintenance-free operation – mechanical simplicity due to reduced component count
  • Long travels without performance loss


Details specification are available at the DOWNLOADS section of this site.

PIX 150B Series - Specification table

Motor ModelCoil SizeContinuous
Force (N)
Force (N)
Current (Apk)
Current (Apk)
Motor Dimensions
without Hall Sensor
L x W x H (mm)
Motor Dimensions
with Hall Sensor
L x W x H (mm)
PIX150B-050C1351213.312.70.3558 x 50 x 34.387 x 50 x 34.3
PIX150B-050C2692423.312.70.6100 x 50 x 34.3129 x 50 x 34.3
PIX150B-050C31043633.312.70.9142 x 50 x 34.3171 x 50 x 34.3
PIX150B-050C41394846.525.41.184 x 50 x 34.3213 x 50 x 34.3
PIX150B-075C1592083.312.70.558 x 75 x 34.387 x 75 x 34.3
PIX150B-075C21194163.312.70.9100 x 75 x 34.3129 x 75 x 34.3
PIX150B-075C31786243.312.71.3142 x 75 x 34.3171 x 75 x 34.3
PIX150B-075C42388326.525.41.6184 x 75 x 34.3213 x 75 x 34.3
PIX150B-075C635712489.838.22.4268 x 75 x 34.3297 x 75 x 34.3
PIX150B-100C1893103.312.70.758 x 100 x 34.387 x 100 x 34.3
PIX150B-100C21776203.312.71.2100 x 100 x 34.3129 x 100 x 34.3
PIX150B-100C32669303.312.71.8142 x 100 x 34.3171 x 100 x 34.3
PIX150B-100C435512406.525.42.3184 x 100 x 34.3213 x 100 x 34.3
PIX150B-100C653218609.838.23.3268 x 100 x 34.3297 x 100 x 34.3
PIX150B-125C11143973.312.70.8558 x 125 x 34.387 x 125 x 34.3
PIX150B-125C22277943.312.71.5100 x 125 x 34.3129 x 125 x 34.3
PIX150B-125C334111913.312.72.1142 x 125 x 34.3171 x 125 x 34.3
PIX150B-125C445415886.525.42.8184 x 125 x 34.3213 x 125 x 34.3
PIX150B-125C668123829.838.24268 x 125 x 34.3297 x 125 x 34.3
Note: Continuous force is measured under natural convection, refer to the detail parameters table for more information

Force Chart for PIX150B Motor

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Part Numbering System

PIX150B Series – Part Numbering System



The PIX150B Series Catalogue, 3D Drawings and Linear Motor Sizer Software are
available at the DOWNLOADS section of this site.