Ironless Linear Motor (DX B Series)

  • Ironless Motor
  • High force output
  • Peak force up to 5366N, Continuous force up to 1073N
  • Ideal for high precision/smooth motion
  • Integrated with hall sensor

High-Speed Ironless Linear Motors With Minimal Velocity Ripple

DX series’ ironless patented overlapping winding forcers provides excellent force density Vs coil size ratio resulting in high force and acceleration generation. DX Coil’s overlapping manufacturing technology allows for the selection of smaller size motors in comparison against the competition due to its higher force density and further improved heat dissipation achieved through optional forced air-cooling methods.

All DX series forces are designed with high flex cables, embedded hall effect sensor and over-temperature protection (thermostats or PT100) that makes it the ideal choice for the most demanding applications. The Modular U-channel Magnet tracks available in 60mm length increments allows for easy assembly of unrestricted stroke length.

  • Low speed/ torque ripple
  • Fast dynamic response
  • Zero backlash
  • Maintenance-free
  • High acceleration
  • Long strokes without performance loss
  • Easy assembly over long stroke lengths

Suitable Application

  • Laser trimming
  • Precision positioning stages
  • Photonics
  • Biotech handlers
  • FPD/LCD transfer
  • Wire and Die Bonding
  • Microscope stages
  • Semiconductor machines
  • Diamond cutting
  • Micro Precise Fabrication
  • Precision Stamping

Specification for DX B Series

Details specification are available at the DOWNLOADS section of this site.

DX B Series - Specification table

Force (N)
Force (N)
Weight (Kg)
Length (mm)
W x H (mm)
DX10BC13.215.80.022221.6 x 36
DX10BC26.331.60.044321.6 x 36
DX10BC39.547.50.066421.6 x 36
DX10BC412.763.30.088521.6 x 36
DX20BC19450.0583121.2 x 55.6
DX20BC218920.116121.2 x 55.6
DX20BC3271370.179121.2 x 55.6
DX20BC4371830.2312121.2 x 55.6
DX20BC5462290.2815121.2 x 55.6
DX30BC1291450.216135.7 x 68.5
DX30BC2582890.4112135.7 x 68.5
DX30BC3874340.6218135.7 x 68.5
DX30BC41165790.8324135.7 x 68.5
DX30BC51457241.0430135.7 x 68.5
DX50BC1452230.256138.7 x 93
DX50BC2894460.5212138.7 x 93
DX50BC31346690.7618138.7 x 93
DX50BC41798931.0724138.7 x 93
DX50BC522311161.2530138.7 x 93
DX50BTC626813391.5836138.7 x 95
DX50BTC835717852.1448138.7 x 95
DX65BC21386921.0512150 x 122
DX65BC320810381.5718150 x 122
DX65BC427713842.0924150 x 122
DX65BC534617032.6130150 x 122
DX65BTC641520773.2336150 x 124
DX65BTC855427694.4348150 x 124
DX65BTC1069234615.5460150 x 124
DX65BTC1283141536.6472150 x 124
DX65BTC15103851918.5590150 x 124
DX90BC21798941.312154 x 148
DX90BC326813421.9518154 x 148
DX90BC435817892.5624154 x 148
DX90BTC65372683436154 x 150
DX90BTC871635785.3148154 x 150
DX90BTC1089444726.6360154 x 150
DX90BTC12107353667.9672154 x 150

Note: Continuous force is measured under natural convection, refer to the detail parameters table for more information.

Force Chart for DX B Motor

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Part Numbering System

DX B Series –  Part Numbering System


The DX B Series Catalogue, 3D Drawings and Linear Motor Sizer Software
are available at the DOWNLOADS section of this site.