OCTO Series Multi-head Linear Actuator

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  • Hi speed automated assembly lines

Multi-Headed Linear Positioning Enclosed Stage

PBA Systems introduces OCTO, a multi-headed linear positioning enclosed stage ideal for applications that require independent control of multiple axes travelling on the same directional vector/plane. For further versatility, OCTO actuators provide two independent travel paths/lanes which allow for carriages on different lanes to overtake each other without risk of collision.

Powered by the DX series of ironless motors, the independent carriages are guided by linear encoders and precision recirculation linear ball bearing blocks on a single rail.

Each carriage has its own encoder readhead (Digital and analogue options available) and has a resolution of up to 80nm resolution when analogue encoder option is selected and used in tandem with PBA Maxtune drives — This allows for extremely precise independent control of individual carriages.

  • Multiple motors on single travel path
  • Dual lane operations to allow for overtaking
  • Custom strokes, and feedback resolution configurations
  • Effective stroke – Up to 4m (Enclosed version: 2m Max)
  • Cable carrier attachment

Part Numbering System

OCTO Series –  Part Numbering System



The OCTO Series Catalogue, 3D Drawings and Linear Motor Sizer Software
are available at the DOWNLOADS section of this site.