PBA Systems Partners with STXi Motion to offer Advanced Custom Precision Motion Solutions for High Efficiency Automation Manufacturing in Europe

Singapore – Nov. 14, 2023 – PBA Systems is pleased to announce a new partnership with STXi Motion, a global engineering company specializing in the design and production of motion control and servo solutions. This strategic alliance combines PBA Systems’ industry leading direct drive technology with STXi Motion’s expertise in motion control, enabling both entities to deliver tailored precision motion solutions for the Europe automation manufacturing enterprises. 

The values of this partnership to Europe manufacturers seeking efficient automation solutions include: 

∎ The collaboration is expected to bring forth better turnkey precision motion solutions for Europe region customers’ rapid deployment of automation demands in various manufacturing and Industry 4.0.  

∎ Synergy in design and customization capabilities, allowing us to provide not only volume demanded productions, but also innovative customize solutions for various revolutionizing applications in industries such as Semiconductors, AOI, Laser, Electronics and Electronic Vehicle manufacturing, etc.

∎ Leveraging geographical advantages, bringing quality products and services from advanced Asia technology and manufacturing centers with Europe pre-sales and after-sales technical services for European customers.  


The Smart Production Solutions Exhibition (SPS) 2023 would be commencing from 14-16th November 2023 in Nuremberg of Germany. Hosted in exhibition by STXi, PBA’s latest dual side-mounted pneumatic counterbalance PZA-H Z-axis module new product will be showcased and demonstrated on spot, among STXi’s current valued product portfolios. We sincerely invite you to visit Hall 1 – 420 in Nuremberg exhibition hall to explore value-added products and services brought forth by our partnership, and the precision motion solutions designated and demanded by your specific industry automation needs. 



PBA Systems is an ISO certified company and a member of the PBA Group. We are direct drive motion solution experts for automation. We provide components, motors, system integration, and custom design services. PBA Group specializes in proprietary robotic automation technologies. Headquartered in Singapore, with advanced manufacturing or technology centers in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, China, etc., we are capable of providing customized and swift solution support for global customers and system partners. 

For PBA Systems Sales Contact:

Mr. Sander Slagter,

Technical Sales Manager,

PBA Systems Europe

Email: [email protected]


For STXi Products and Services Contact:

Mr. Avi Shahar Yacov,

Motion Sales Team Manager, 

Email: [email protected]

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