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PBA Systems is a one-stop robotics provider with a focus on the development of core technology to offer a robust range of products and solutions in precision robotics and general robotics - enabling companies to thrive by making Industry 4.0 technology accessible to the market.

Our core strength is in design, development, and manufacturing of direct drive motor design and manufacturing, motion control, and precision modular assemblies.

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About PBA Systems

PBA Systems constantly aims for technological breakthroughs and innovations in precision robotics.  Founded in 1999, our expertise lies in direct drive motor design and manufacturing, motion control, stages and precision systems.

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PBA Direct Drive Technology

Our deep knowledge in Direct Drive technology enables us to develop and deliver solutions for different automation requirements. Our motion control systems are precise in improving the positioning, torque control and efficiency of our robotics systems.

Ironless Linear Motors

High speed ironless linear motors with minimal velocity ripple.

DX series’ ironless patented overlapping winding forcers provides excellent force density Vs coil size ratio resulting in high force and acceleration generation.

Iron Core Linear Motors

PIX Series features PBA Anti-Cogging Technology, with significantly reducing cogging torque, while maintaining the high torque density performances of laminated core motors. Motors in the series comes in highly customisable sizes with unique modular coil unit design. It is a small form factor and low-cost solution for precise linear motion system.

Linear Shaft Motors

PBA Linear Shaft Motors were designed with similar form factor dimensional outline and functionality to that of a mechanical ballscrew/nut with the intention to provide to equivalent upgrades to traditionally ballscrews and pneumatic cylinder applications. The coils of the PSM motor surrounds the magnets allowing for optimal use of magnetic flux which makes the air gap non-critical and allows for max efficiency as the motor requires less current and mass to produce similar force ranges when compared to other brushless linear motors.

Direct Drive Rotary Motors

The PDDR series of direct drive rotary motors features PBA-developed anti-cogging technology in the design. The anti-cogging feature provides the extreme smoothness in motion tracking performance. It is ideal for precision sensitive machines that demands uniform velocities at low speed applications. The anti-cogging technology is able to reduce the peak-to-peak cogging torque to 0.1% of its continuous torque rating while maintaining the high torque density performances of laminated core motors.

Voice Coils Motor

The Voice Coil Actuator is ideal for high speed pick-and-place applications. It features has zero cogging, low moving mass, and fast response. It is especially developed for high precision and frequency motion for applications with short-strokes.

Precision Modular Systems

PBA’s Precision Modular Systems are designed for high-precision/high-speed pick-and-place, vision inspection, dispensing, lens bonding, and laser applications. Our precision gantries are available with a choice of PBA Ironcore or Ironless Direct Drive Linear Motors. The Ultra Precision Gantry solves the most demanding of applications through the use of precision assembly methods and high-performance motion controllers to achieve stable and consistent motion performance with short settling time - improving machine throughput and performance.

CVCA Series Actuator

PBA’s Circular Voice Coil Positioning Stage is a compact stage ideal for closed loop short stroke positioning applications where precision, repeatability and low speed/force ripple are of utmost importance. CVCA stages are built with precision cross roller guides that provides high rigidity to complement the high acceleration capability of the CVC module which has very low electrical/mechanical time constants and zero hysteresis.

RVCA Series Actuator

PBA’s Rectangular Voice Coil Actuators (RVCA) actuators are preferred to circular versions especially in designs where space constraints are critical in linear motion applications. The flat rectangular voice coil design has similar characteristics to the normal common circular voice coil assemblies.


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