Explore our featured, hot products for the most in-demand applications requiring precision motion solutions. Check out our innovative and proprietary products currently serving the industrial automation market.

From direct drive motors and actuators, to precision stages  and gantries, you will find a selected line-up of our most cutting-edge products to meet your requirements – whether you are looking for enhanced productivity, superior accuracy, improved efficiency or cost-competitiveness.

PLA Series Actuator

Direct Drive Rotary Motor (PDDRB)

Precision Air Bearing Linear Actuator

Compact size, high-speed, high-precision, and zero backlash, vs traditional actuators with ball screws.

 PDDRB is designed for high-speed precise rotary applications, including die-cutting and high-speed pick & place.

Highest performance actuator for demanding applications where nano-positioning accuracy and geometric performance are critical.

Rectangular Voice Coil (RVC Series)

PABG1000 –  Air Bearing Nano Precision Gantry

PAOF Series Absolute Optical Encoder

Ultra-High Frequency for Short Stroke Motion Systems – featuring zero cogging, no backlash and hysteresis.

High-performance linear, voice coil and wide actuators featuring speed, accuracy and precision.

Linear encoder which directly measures machine position digitally, without the requirement of homing of the machine;  features High-Speed and High-Accuracy to deliver optimal performance.