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Highly configurable PBA Precision Stages, such as XYZ-Theta Multi-Axis Precision Stage are offered in numerous combinations and built for highly customised requirements to overcome your motion challenges, ensuring exceptional positioning accuracy and reliable movement.

  • Direct Drive Stages

    Dual Carriage XYZ-Theta Multi Axis Precision Stage

    The Dual Carriage XYZ Theta Stage is used for high precision Wafer probing applications. Powered by ...
  • Precision Stages

    XYZ Stage with Clear Aperture

    The XYZ Clear Aperture Stage with Z axis, powered by PBA DX F Ironless Linear motors, is designed fo...
  • Precision Stage

    XY Theta Stage

    XY Theta stage is used for high-precision laser cutting applications. High speed and high precision ...
  • Direct Drive Stages

    Dual Axis XY Theta Stage

    PBA Dual XY Theta stage used for high precision optical inspection applications. High speed and high...
  • Precision Stage

    XY Theta stage with Clear Aperture

    PBA XY Theta Clear Aperture High Precision Stage offers a large clear aperture, high dynamics and ex...