CDHD2-LV – Low Voltage High Performance Servo Drives

  • Fully feature drives
  • Extension of CDHD2 family, All functionality of CDHD2 is available
  • Voltage from 20V to 90V. Current from 3A to 15A RMS
  • Compact and robust mechanical design
  • Especially fit for electronics assembly, medical and mobile (AGV) applications

The Servotronix CDHD2 servo drive family includes a series of low voltage servo drives rated at 20–90 VDC input power and up to 15 ARMS continues current. The CDHD2 LV drives offer the same robust mechanical design and high performance features as the CDHD2 VAC servo drives. The compact design enables space-saving and mounting near point-of-use, suitable for applications such as electronics assembly, medical devices, and mobile AGVs.



Model Input Voltage Input Power Main Circuit Cont. Current (A rms) Peak Current (A rms)
CDHD2-003 20-90VDC 1 phase 3 9
CDHD2-006 20-90VDC 1 phase 6 18
CDHD2-012 20-90VDC 1 phase 12 24
CDHD2-015 20-48VDC 1 phase 15 30


The Promotional Literature, Manuals, Software, Mechanical Drawings
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