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PLA Direct Drive Linear Actuator 

High-Speed and High-Precision Motion Solutions for Industrial Machines (OEMs) 

See the proven comparison below.

PLA boasts impactful & significant differences in performance when pit against the ball screw actuators. Your machine will move faster and be more precise and accurate, resulting in maximised efficiency, throughput and productivity. Use the proven, smarter solution.

  • Straightness: 10 µm/500mm (vs. 50 µm for ball screw actuators) 
  • Flatness: 20 µm/500mm (vs. 50 µm/500mm for ball screw actuators) 
  • Repeatability: ±1 µm (vs. ±50 µm for ball screw actuators) 
  • Zero Backlash (better force transmission compared to ball screw actuators) * 
  • Multiple carriages in a single-axis configuration for more complex motion applications (not possible with ball screw actuators) 

*Direct Drive Technology in PLA results in the elimination of servo motors, shafts, couplings, ball screws along with other additional mechanical components found in conventional ball screw actuators. This reduces the number of components, resulting in better force transmission.

Did you know? 

On top of its superior performance features, the PLA Linear Actuator is a cost-competitive linear motion solution when compared to the conventional ball screw actuator, which has high friction and are subject to wear-and-tear. PLA has low noise (friction) and high velocity. Therefore, PLA is a more reliable, long-lasting solution which results in returns and cost-savings in the long-run.

PLA Direct Drive Linear Actuator is the superior precision motion solution for your machines as proven through these general industrial applications. 

1. High-Speed Pick-and-Place 

A degree of precision is critical for Pick-and Place applications, but ball screw actuators fall short with a repeatability of ±50 µm. PLA Linear actuators’ superior features address these pain points with repeatability of ±1 µm, on top of a clear superior smooth motion (Straightness: 10 µm/500mm, Flatness: 20 µm/500mm).

2. Conveying 

A ball screw actuator has limited length. But PLA has configurable length which enables long-stroke applications, allowing a longer travelling distance to bring that unit from station to station in a production line. Also, PLA allows for multiple carriages in a single-axis configuration for more complex applications.

3. Cartesian Robot Applications 

Ideal for XYZ linear motion across various industrial machines/equipment, PLA is a robust solution to deliver a smoother and high-precision, accurate motion (Straightness: 10 µm/500mm, Flatness: 20 µm/500mm, Repeatability: ±1 µm and Zero Backlash) which is imperative for applications requiring a 3 axes movement, for which conventional ball screw actuators are not meant for (Straightness: 50 µm, Flatness: 50 µm/500mm, Repeatability: ±50 µm).

For detailed information, such as specifications and material downloads, visit the PLA product page