ACS MC4Udc Up to 8 Axis Universal or NanoPWM Drive Module

Key Specs and Capabilities

Key Specs
  • Drive Axes: Up to 8
  • Drive Supply Input: 85-400 Vac (range depends on supply module selected)
  • Bus Voltage: 24-560Vdc (value depends on supply module selected)
  • Max Current Per Axis: 45/90 A up to 4 axes, 20/40 A up to 8 axes
  • Encoder Channels: Max 8 any combination (8 AqB, 8 SinCos, 4 Absolute)
  • Enclosure Widths: 9, 11, 19, or 22 inch
  • Functional Safety Options: STO
  • Proprietary ACS Feature Options: ServoBoost, NanoPWM
Key Capabilities

Up to 8 Axis Universal or NanoPWM Drive Module
The MC4Udc is a modular, configurable multi-axis drive system consisting of a drive controller, power supply, and drives designed to meet the needs of OEMs with demanding multi-axis motion control applications. Controllable by any ACS SPiiPlus Platform EtherCAT master, it leverages powerful servo control algorithms to maximize motion system performance, while its universal servo drive technology provides the system designer flexibility to control most any type of motor or stage.

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