ACS SDMnt 4 or 8 Axis Open Loop Stepper Drive Module

Key Specs and Capabilities

Key Specs
  • Drive Axes: 4 or 8 (1 Bipolar Stepper, all others Unipolar Stepper)
  • Drive Supply Input: 12-40 Vdc or 100-240 Vac
  • Bus Voltage: 12-40 Vdc
  • Max Current Output Per Axis: 3 A
  • Max Microstepping Resolution: 1/16 step

4 or 8 Axis Open Loop Stepper Drive Module
The SDMnt is designed to address the needs of OEMs with machines employing many open loop stepper motors. Controllable by any ACS SPiiPlus Platform EtherCAT master, it provides 4 or 8 axes of stepper drives up to 3A per axis. One of the axes is a bipolar stepper drive, while the remaining 3 or 7 axes are unipolar stepper drives. An optional built-in 40Vdc motor power supply offers added integration.

Technical Resources

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