EZO Precision Ball Bearings

Miniature ball bearings

EZO Precision Ball Bearings

We identify global market trends and reliably satisfy customer needs.

Our company pursues the world’s highest quality and international price competitiveness and produces high-precision bearings that meet various needs at our main factory in Ashibetsu and other production facilities.

In particular, we’ve achieved a dominant share of the global market for extra-miniature, miniature and small bearings, flanged bearings, extra-thin-section bearings and large stainless-steel bearings.

Among the broad fields of application, those related to semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, optical equipment, industrial robots and food/beverage manufacturing equipment have grown significantly. Applications for new information communication technology (ICT) equipment have also increased with the arrival of the IoT era.

Our company will continue to focus on global market trends, meet the needs of our customers and strive for further growth in the future. We’ll contribute to the sustainable development of industry and society by expanding the sales of EZO Bearings.