Mitsubishi Servo Drive

As a recognized leader in factory automation, Mitsubshi Electric
is committed to maintaining a world-class level

Production/ Development System
For more than 80 years from the start of operations in 1924, Mitsubishi Electric Nagoya Works has manufactured various universal devices including motors, programmable controllers and inverters. The history of AC servo production at Nagoya Works spans over 30 years. We have expanded our production system based on the technology and tradition amassed during this time, and have incorporated world-class research and development to create high-performance, high-quality products that can be supplied for a long time.

Production System
To guarantee the high quality and performance of MELSERVO, Mitsubishi Electric has built a cooperative system of three facilities – Shinshiro Factory, a branch factory of Nagoya Works; Mitsubishi Electric responds to various need throughout the world by uniting technologies and know-how of these facilities. Mitsubishi Electric’s FA energy solutions, “e&eco-Factory”, are at work in the servo motor factory at the Nagoya Works. They are being used to boost capacity utilization and product quality, and reduce energy consumption.

Development System
To spread advanced servo systems to the world as quickly as possible, Mitsubishi Electric has established FA-related development centers at its Nagoya Works, and in North America and Europe. Furthermore, we have established strong connections between our Advanced Technology R&D Center, which pushes technology development beyond the limits of FA, and Information Technology R&D Center. We are moving forward with the development of new products that reflect the latest technological directions and customer input.

SSCNET Partner Association (SNP)
The SSCNET Partner Association (SNP) carries activities to introduce the advanced servo system controller network “SSCNET” and compatible products to many users. In cooperation with partner corporations, SNP widely promotes the performance attainable with SSCNET. In recent years, SNP holds partner meetings in Japan and other countries such as Taiwan and India. SNP aims to make SSCNET a more global servo system controller network.



Ratings Units 10B 20B 40B 60B 70B 100B 200B 350B 500B 700B
Supply Voltage 120-230 VAC 3-phase / 1-phase 3-phase
Output Capacity 100W 200W 400W 600W 750W 1KW 2KW 3.5KW 5KW 7KW
Continuous Current Apk 1.6 2.2 4.0 4.5 8.2 8.5 15.6 24.0 39.6 52.3
Peak Current Apk 5.0 7.5 13.5 14.5 29.0 27.3 48.0 73.1 130.7 164.3
Ratings Units 60B4 100B4 200B4 350B4 500B4 700B4
Supply Voltage 380-480 VAC 3-Phase
Continuous Current Apk 2.1 4.0 7.6 12.2 16.7 25.3
Peak Current Apk 6.8 12.6 24.4 38.9 53.6 81.2
Basic Specifications
Motors Linear Motors (Through partner software to setup motor coil parameter.)
Auto Tuning
Automatically adjusts the gain to optimum value if load applied to the servo motor shaft varies. Higher in performance than MR-J3 series servo amplifier.
User Interface
MR-Configurator, Setting drive, I/O motion information selection, Configuration, Fault history/display, Setup wizard
Position/ Torque/ Speed Mode Available
Servo Function Advanced vibration suppression control II, Adaptive filter II, Robust filter, Auto tuning, One touch tuning, Tough drive function, Drive recorder function, Tightening & press-fit control, Machine diagnosis function, Power monitoring function, Master-slave operation function, Scale measurement function, J3 compatibility mode, super trace control, Lost motion compensation.
Protective Function Over-current shut-off, Regenerative over-voltage shut-off, Overload shut-off, Servo motor overheat protection, Encoder error protection, Regenerative error protection, Under-voltage protection, Instantaneous power failure protection, Over-speed protection, Error excessive protection, magnetic pole detection, Linear servo fault protection
Compliance Standard
CE Marking
LVD EN 61800-5-1, EMC 61800-3, MD:EN ISO 13849-1, EN61800-5-2, EN62061
UL Standard
UL 508C
Environment Ambient temperature: Operation 0°C to 55°C, Storage -20°C to 65°C, Humidity: 90% RH or less
Altitude: Max.1000m above sea level, Vibration 5.9m/s2 or less at 10Hz (directions of X,Y and Z axes)
Protection/Pollution Protection class: Natural cooling (IP20)
Safety Function STO (IEC/EN 61800-5-2)
Communication/Control Method
USB SSCNET III / Connection to a personal computer or others (MR Configurator2-compatible)
H communication cycle 0.222ms, 0.444ms, 0.888ms
Equivalent Encoder Output
Differential (A/B/Z-phase pulse)
No. Digital Inputs
3 – (24V NPN/PNP)
No. Digital Output
3 – (24V NPN/PNP)
Analog Monitor
2 – Channels
Emergency Input
Input – N/C
Motor Feedback
From Drive
Supply Voltage
Incremental Encoder
Quad Encoder – (4Mhz)
Absolute Optical Encoder
Mitsubishi serial interface compatible (Renishaw, heidenhain, Mitutoyo)

Part Numbering System