Latest Product Launch: Multi-Head Z Axis High Speed Pick-And-Place Module

Introducing the latest in our line-up of innovative, proprietary Z-axis positioning motion solutions – The Multi-Head High Speed Pick-and-Place Module. Designed with proprietary vacuum-operated end-effectors, it is meant for efficiently handling multiple items simultaneously, for pick-and place applications in industrial automation.

This Multi-Head Z axis module features multiple compact iron core motors with built-in vacuum pads that can be controlled independently, enabling multiple tasks to be performed at the same time, providing high UPH (Units Per Hour) efficiency performance – high-speed and high-precision for pick-and-place applications.

With its ironcore linear motors, it excels in delivering exceptional speed and acceleration, making it ideal for high-speed pick-and-place motion applications. Furthermore, this compact module seamlessly integrates with vacuum systems of various sizes, with barb connector on each of its pick heads. Thanks to its flexible modular design, additional axes can be effortlessly added to accommodate growing production demands.


Product Benefits:

  • – Zero backlash, better performance than ball screw and other traditional actuators
  • – Scalable to add pick heads as production demands grow
  • – Each pick head can be controlled independently for different task performance
  • – Compact and easy to integrate with the standard configuration
  • – Capable of customization for flexible configurations
  • – High accuracy and repeatability
  • – High Unit Per Hour (UPH) efficiency
  • – Low maintenance

Product Features:

  • – Powered by PBA Direct Drive Linear Motor Technology
  • – Easy plug-and-play vacuum system integration
  • – Compact modular design
  • – Built-in encoder for each pick head
  • – Independent pick head control
  • – Equipped with springs for counter-balance


  • – Semiconductor: Pick-and-Place multiple picking systems and IC assembly packaging
  • – Sorting tasks
  • – Packaging processing
  • – Various other conveyor applications, such as P to P loading and feeding equipment


PBA Systems is an ISO-certified company and a member of the PBA Group. We are direct drive motion solutions expert for automation. We provide component, motor, to systems integration, and custom design services. Our advanced, High Precision Direct Drive Motor Technology improves the positioning, torque control, and efficiency of robotics systems, which are crucial in automation manufacturing. PBA Group specialises in proprietary robotic automation technologies. Headquartered in Singapore; with advanced manufacturing and technology centres in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and China; we have the capabilities of providing customised, swift motion solutions for global customers and system partners.

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