New Product Launch: Introducing the compact PZA-H Z Positioning Actuator

Introducing the compact PZA-H, Z positioning Actuator, with outstanding Precision Efficiency, and Power Damage Safety Control Design for AOI systems.

PZA-H high precision Z positioning actuator with low-profile design is ideal for AOI inspection automation systems. Unlike traditional ball screw or belt actuators, its special pneumatic cylinder design incorporates dual side-mounted pneumatic counterbalances that could avoid damages caused by power failure. Its design provides minimal friction, offers high precision, repeatability, speed, and reliability. While compact in size, it has remarkable dynamic abilities and high payload capacity up to 20Kg. The PZA-H actuator is the top choice for superior vertical motion control, and space saving systems required by AOI solutions in automation manufacturing.


Product Benefits:

  • – Special pneumatic cylinder design could avoid damages caused by power failure. Enhancing safety to prevent axis movement in case the motor de-energizes accidentally.
  • – Low-profile design for easy integration into multi-axis motion system
  • – Maximizes process output and reliability with DXF ironless direct drive motor 
  • – Zero Backlash, better performance than ball screw and other traditional actuators
  • – Utilizes high-precision crossed-roller bearings to ensure outstanding dynamic performance and payload capacity

Product Features:

  • – Powered by Ironless motor
  • – Up to 20kg payload
  • – High repeatability +/-0.5um
  • – Customizable stroke
  • – Equipped with pneumatic Counterbalance



  • – Laboratory research & experimentation
  • – Sensor qualification & testing
  • – Photonics assembly & testing
  • – Semiconductor processing & quality control
  • – Optics production, examination & inspection
  • – Fiber alignment & enhancement

PBA Systems is an ISO-certified company and a member of the PBA Group. We are direct drive motion solutions expert for automation. We provide component, motor, to systems integration, and custom design services. Our advanced, High Precision Direct Drive Motor Technology improves the positioning, torque control, and efficiency of robotics systems, which are crucial in automation manufacturing. PBA Group specialises in proprietary robotic automation technologies. Headquartered in Singapore; with advanced manufacturing and technology centres in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and China; we have the capabilities of providing customised, swift motion solutions for global customers and system partners.

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