New Product Introduction: PABG Air Bearing Nano-grade Precision Gantry

Air Bearing Nano Precision Stage –  designed and built in-house with PBA’s patented and proprietary technology – the latest offering from PBA Systems’ wide range of precision motion solutions.

PBA Air Bearing Nano Precision Stage incorporates PBA’s Direct Drive Technology and Extensive Manufacturing capability, with zero-contact and Wear-free, ultra-smooth dynamic motions with high precision positioning accuracy, it is a cost-effective automated manufacturing solution. Enhanced by providing outstanding performance and versatility that can be used in a wide range of automation applications, including use in Cleanroom: high-speed pick-and-place, automated assembly, vision inspection, glass scribing, dispensing stations and high-accuracy inspection.

Product Benefits:

  • – Nano-grade positioning accuracy
  • – Ultra-smooth planar motion
  • – High speed and low velocity ripple
  • – Maintenance free, no lubrication required
  • –  Suitable for cleanroom environments
  • – With low thermal expansion, it exhibits long-term stability and reliability
  • – No wear or reduction in performance over time
  • – Easy integration into system

Product Features:

  • – Powered by air bearing technology
  • – Outstanding flatness and excellent pitch/yaw characteristics
  • – Equipped with PBA direct drive linear motors
  • – Flexible configurations for differen system requirements
  • – A simplified structure of granite base, minimizing the risk from thermal expansion


  • – Industrial automation manufacturing , such
    as semiconductor
  • – Automated precision cutting manufacturing
  •  – High speed pick and place, automated
    assembly, automated optical inspection,
    dispensing, high precision inspection
  •  – Suitable for temperature sensitive
  • – Glass scribing and glass substrate exposure
  • – Medical image processing machine
  • – Automotive testing

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The above mentioned new product may be used by a wide range of industries, including semiconductor, electronic vehicles, AOI inspections, automation machinery, medical devices and packaging processing manufacturing.

PBA Systems is an ISO-certified company and a member of the PBA Group. We are direct drive motion solutions expert for automation. We provide component, motor, to systems integration, and custom design services. Our advanced, High Precision Direct Drive Motor Technology improves the positioning, torque control, and efficiency of robotics systems, which are crucial in automation manufacturing. PBA Group specialises in proprietary robotic automation technologies. Headquartered in Singapore; with advanced manufacturing and technology centres in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and China; we have the capabilities of providing customised, swift motion solutions for global customers and system partners.

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