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Know-how relating to precision and unique technologies fostered from more than 90 years of experience lies in the DNA of KURODA Precision Industries.
Founded as a manufacturer of gauges in 1925, KURODA has integrated its precision technologies into a diverse range of product groups–from measurement systems, motor cores, to linear motion products–to respond to customer needs in various industries.

In recent years, KURODA products have been adopted in symbols of the age, such as smartphones and hybrid vehicles.
From machining to measurement, KURODA prides itself in its combined strengths, creating new possibilities and supporting the advancement of industry around the world.

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  • Ball Screw Actuator

    Kuroda Ball Screw Actuator – High Precision, High Rigidity for Positioning -【Model No.】SG series

    KURODA ball screw actuators are compact single-axis units consisting of a ball screw and a linear gu...
  • Customised ball Screw

    Kuroda Customised ball Screw Wide variety -【Series Offerings】 G series, F series, D series, A series

    Various screw shaft diameters and leads are available for customization according to the equipment r...
  • Standard Ball Screws

    Kuroda Standard Ball Screw Wide variety -【Model No.】GP/GG/GE (Ground) GW/GY (Rolled)

    An optimal solution can be selected from a wide variety of screw shaft diameters, leads, and accurac...