Delta ASDA-A2R Delta AC Servo Motor

High End Servo System (0.1 KW ~ 15 KW)

  • Full-close control
  • High resolution encoder (20-bit level, 1280000 pulse/ rev)
  • EtherCAT
  • Extension DI (total 14 Inputs)
  • Gantry control
  • High bandwidth to 1KHz and auto resonance suppression

A High Precision Linear Drive System for Backlash Free Motion Control

The ASDA-A2R series is an innovative and high precision linear drive system that optimally performs the tasks of linear motors with high prevision, high rigidity, high response and it is backlash free. This not only increases the work efficiency of the motion control system, but also expands the applications of the servo system.

Delta’s high-performance ASDA-A2R series offers high frequency response, auto notch filters, vibration suppression, flexible position register control PR mode, build-in electronic cam (E-Cam) and advanced gantry control, and it supports DMCNET and CANopen communication interfaces as well. The ASDA-A2R harmonizes linear motion and servo drive to satisfy demanding high precision requirements.

The ASDA-A2R provides more choices and allows users to drive not only Delta’s but also other brands of linear motors and permanent magnet synchronous servo motors. When the ASDA-A2R is connected to an optional ADS-IF-EN0A20 Signal Converter Box through a motor encoder interface, the square waves and sine waves of feedback signals from the linear scale, linear motor and encoder can be converted to communication signals into the ASDA-A2R. The distortion provides more accurate signal transmission that is essential for fast and optimum communications.

Good stability, high reliability and excellent performance are the features of Delta’s ASDA-A2R series linear motion drive.



Full-closed Loop Control

Full close loop control function – Reduce the effect of backlash and flexibility from the machine and ensures the accuracy of positioning.

full close loop control


Versatile PR mode

• ASDA-Soft configuration software supported.
• New sub-modes supported, not traditional point-to-point control.
• 64 procedures can be applied.
• Motion profile can be changed instantaneously.
• Homing modes/Jump mode/Write parameter mode/Constant speed mode/Position control mode supported.


Gantry Control

simple wiring



Delta’s ASDA-A2-E, an advanced AC Servo Drive with an EtherCAT communication interface, complies with IEC61158 and IEC61800-7 to enable faster, real-time,and accurate performance in high-end applications.



Ratings Units 100W 200W 400W 750W 1kW 1.5W 2kW 3kW
Phase Voltage V Single Phase/Three Phase 220 VAC Three phase 220 Vac
Continuous Output Current Apk 1.3 2.2 3.7 7.2 10.3 11.7 18.9 27.4
Continuous Max Output Current Apk 3.8 6.5 11 21.6 30.9 35.2 56.8 82.2
Basic Specifications
Motors Linear Motors
Encoder Resolution/
Feedback Resolution
A-quad-B, Max Input Frequency 4 MHz
Main Circuit Control SVPWM control
Control Mode Manual/Auto
Dynamic Brake
Position Control Mode
Max. input pulse frequency
Pulse type
Command source
Smoothing strategy
E-gear ratio
Differential: 500K/4Mpps, Open Collector: 200Kpps
Pulse + symbol; A phase + B phase; CCW pulse + CW pulse
External pulse/Register
Low-pass and P-curve filter
E-gear ratio: N/M time, limitation: (1/50 < N/M < 25600)
Speed/Torque Control Mode
Analog command Voltage Range
Analog command Input Resistance
Analog command time constant
Speed control range
Command Source
Smoothing strategy
0 ~ +/-10Vdc
External analog command/Register
Low-pass and S-curve filter
Internal Position Up to 63 Position or Speed
Auto Tuning Available
Position/Speed/Position Error
User Interface
ASDA Soft, Setting drive, I/O motion information selection, Configuration, Fault history/display, Setup wizard
Protective Functions Over Current, Overvoltage, Undervoltage, Overheat, Regeneration error, Overload, Excessive speed deviation, Excessive position deviation, Encorder error, Adjustment error, Emergency stop, Negative/positive limit error, Excessive deviation of full-closed loop control, Serial communication error, Rst leak phase, Serial communication timeout, Short-circuit protection of U, V, W and CN1, CN2, CN3
Compliance Standard Environment IEC/EN 61800-5-1, UL 508C, C-tick
Ambient temperature: Operation 0°C to 55°C, Storage -20°C to 65°C, Humidity: 90% RH
Protection/Pollution Protection class: Natural cooling (IP20)
Communication/ Control Method
USB RS-232, Up to 115200 baud rate for setup
Full-closed Loop Available
CANopen Available
DMCNET Available
E-CAM Available
Expansion Slot for Digital Input Available
Encoder Output
Compatible (A/B/Z-phase pulse)
8x Digital Input
24V NPN/PNP Programmable
5x Digital Output
24V NPN/PNP Programmable
Analog Monitor Output
Monitor Signal set via parameters
(Output voltage range: +/-8V)
Motor Feedback
From Drive
Supply Voltage
Incremental Encoder
Quad Encoder, RS-422 Differential Encoder

Part Number System

ASDA Software

The ASDA Soft is available for free at the DOWNLOADS section of this site.