Servotronix BDHD2 – High Performance Servo Drives


  • Cost-effective drive based on Servotronix CDHD2
  • Accurate and smooth motion for precision applications
  • Four drive models offering 1.5A, 3A, 4.5A and 6A output
  • Motors ranging from 50W to 1330W
  • Factory-defined servo bundles ensure optimal performance
  • High performance with HD control loop
  • 3–5 kHz high current loop bandwidth
  • Plug-and-play setup
  • Motor encoder with electronic motor plate (MTP)
  • Simple commissioning using ServoStudio 2 software wizards
  • Input voltage 120–240 VAC
  • EtherCAT (CoE) fieldbus communication
  • Accepts pulse train reference commands from non-EtherCAT controllers
  • CE compliance

BDHD2 is a high-performance EtherCAT servo drive bundled with PRHD2 or PRO2 high-precision brushless servo motors. BDHD2 servo bundles feature ease of use, high power density, high torques and a high overload capacity. A derivative of the CDHD2 series, BDHD2 ensures optimal performance, cost-effectiveness and machine efficiency for machine builders.

Motor feedback is provided by a Servotronix sensAR 20-bit magnetic absolute encoder, or a Tamagawa 17-bit or 23-bit optical absolute encoder, in either single turn or multi-turn configurations. With the benefit of drive and motor parameters embedded in the motor encoder, and supported by ServoStudio 2 software set wizards, BDHD2 commissioning is quick and reliable.

For more information regarding the motors, please visit the desired motor series webpage:

PRO2 motors

PRHD2 motors


Model Input Voltage Input Power Main Circuit Cont. Current (A rms) Peak Current (A rms)
BDHD2-1D5 240VAC 1 phase 1.5 4.5
BDHD2-003 240VAC 1 phase 3 9
BDHD2-4D5 240VAC 1 phase 4.5 13.3
BDHD2-006 240VAC 1 phase 6 18


BDHD2-PRHD2 drive-motor bundle


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