PRG Series – Multi-Axis Precision Gantry

  • Optical inspection
  • Precision placement
  • Lens bonding
  • Die sorting

T and H configuration precision gantry

PBA’s Rigid Gantry system was designed for high precision/speed pick-and-place, vision inspection, dispensing stations and high-accuracy placement machines inspection. PBA’s Rigid gantries are available with a choice of PBA IronCore or Ironless Direct drive motors in T or H gantry configuration with linear encoder resolutions of up to 0.8nm resolution when used with PBA Maxtune drives.

H-config with dual encoders on the bottom axes available as well for better positional accuracy and repeatability. PRG gantries look to solve the most demanding of applications through the use of precision assembly methods and high-performance motion controllers to achieve stable and consistent motion performance with short settling time, thus improving machine throughput and performance.

Part Numbering System


The PRG Series Catalogue are available at the DOWNLOADS section of this site.