Delta SCARA Robots

Smart Robot for Industry Upgrades

  • Compliance control function without sensors
  • Excellent speed, linearity, verticality and repeatability
  • Widely applied in various applications and industries
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Delta SCARA features compliance control functions without sensors, and offers excellent speed, linearity, verticality and repeatability to rapidly and precisely perform operations such as insertion, screw locking, assembly, load and unload, pick-and-place, stacking and packaging. The automatic process path planning function fulfills industry needs for conveyor tracking processes such as gluing, deburring, coating and soldering. With the aid of Delta’s machine vision system, it can perform smart identification, inspection and sorting to effectively reduce defect rate for consistent quality delivery.

When matched with control units and other peripheral devices such as servo systems, machine vision systems and linear modules, the SCARA becomes a highly integrated work station for industries such as consumer electronics, electrical/electronics, rubber and plastic, packaging, metal fabrication and others. It satisfies requirements for both single devices and workstation applications, and enables modularized production lines and multi=products production with consistently good quality. Delta SCARA is easily applied to production automation for higher flexibility in achieving smart and efficient production, and improving productivity, quality and labor efficiency.


Model DRS40L
Number of Axes 4
Arm Length (X+Y) 400mm
Rated/ Max. Payload 1Kg/ 3Kg
Maximum Speed X-Y 4710mm/sec
Z 1250mm/sec
R 1875°/sec
Range of Motion X(J1) ±130°
Y(J2) ±146.6°
Z 150mm
R ±360°
Standard Cycle Time* 0.42 sec
Repeatability X ±0.01mm
Y ±0.01mm
Z ±0.01mm
R ±0.01°
Motor Output Power X 200W
Y 200W
Z 100W
R 100W
Rated/ Max. Push Force (Z-Axis) 100/250N
Maximum Allowable inertia Moment (R-Axis) 0.0091/0.075Kg-m2
User Wiring 15Pin D-Sub
User Tubing ∅4mmx2, ∅6mmx1
Weight (Without Controller) 16Kg

*When carrying a payload of 1Kg and reciprocating 25mm in vertical and 300mm in horizontal directions under an operating temperature of 25°C and within a humidity of 45% ~ 90% RH (non-condensing).

**Actual cycle time may differ depending on operating conditions. Delta reserves the right to change specification information without prior notice.


Delta SCARA has been successfully applied to improving production line efficiency and yield rates for consistent quality delivery.

Industry: Electrical/electronics, rubber and plastic, packaging, and metal fabrication


  • Insertion
  • Screw locking
  • Assembly
  • Gluing
  • Coating
  • Soldering
  • Load and unload
  • Pick-and-place
  • Stacking
  • Packaging
  • Inspection


Product inspection




Coating and Gluing


Screw Locking


Touch Screen Examination

Case Study

KeyPad Screw-Driving Station

KeyPad Function Test Line

Product Function Test Line

Conveyor Tracking Station

Finished Good Appearance Inspection Station


Machine Category SCARA
Specified Type Multi-type
Fast Speed Medium
Difficult Multi-type Production Easy
Long Time of Line Exchange Short
Low Flexibility High
Difficult Configuration Easy
Slow ROI Fast


Excellent speed, linearity, verticality and repeatability

Motion Stroke (Back & Forth)

Z Axis: 25mm

X/Y Axis: 300mm

Payload (Kg) Cycle Time (sec)
1 0.42
2 0.45
3 0.48

Arm Length: 400mm

Max. Payload: 3Kg

Repeatability: ±0.01mm

Compliance control function without sensors to compensate for the deviation between workpieces and insertion holes.