PBA Systems March 2013 Newsletter

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R&D News

    • New Shaft Motor Under Development

Product Updates

    • PBA Systems New Catalogs Released, Chinese Website Now Online
    • MaxTune Software, Firmware and User Manuals Updated

Case Studies

    • Microscopy and Tomography
    • Passive Components Visual Inspection Machine

R&D News

New Shaft Motor Under Development



PBA Systems is currently developing the new PSM Linear Shaft Motor series.

The PSM series, which will be an addition alongside the existing SM models, feature higher force specifications with:

  • Compact design
  • High efficiency, accuracy and repeatability
  • Zero cogging
  • Easy setup
  • Direct replacement of ball screw
  • Low cost solution

Advantages over ball screw:

  • Dynamic performance with higher acceleration and maximum velocity limit
  • Better accuracy (not subject to ball bearing and shaft degradation)
  • Less wear and tear and less audible noise (no moving ball bearings, no friction)

Initial specifications of the PSM12 Shaft Motor are:

Unit PSM12-C1 PSM12-C2 PSM12-C3 PSM12-C4
Peak Force N 25.7 51.4 77.1 102.8
Continuous Force @ 120ºC N 6.4 12.9 19.3 25.7

The PSM25 and PSM42 series will also be available later this year.

The PSM12 Series is now available for beta / small batch orders.

Additional specifications and drawings are available upon request.

Product Updates

PBA Systems New Catalogs Released, Chinese Website Now Online

PBA Systems Catalogs

In line with PBA Systems’ aggressive expansion in Asian markets, a Chinese language PBA Systems Product Range Catalog has been released. This catalog contains the specifications of the various PBA Systems product series. In addition, the PBA Systems website now has a Chinese language version, which can be viewed here:

PBA Systems Chinese Website

The RVCA Rectangular Voice Coil Actuator Series Catalog was also updated with new specifications for RVCA-S12B, RVCA-S20B and RVCA-S30B.

The CVCA Circular Voice Coil Actuator Series Catalog was also updated. The new CVCA Voice Coil Actuator Series uses cross roller bearing instead of normal linear guides for better precision and rigidity.

Download the new versions of the catalogs from the PBA Systems Website.

MaxTune Software, Firmware and User Manuals Updated

MaxTune Intelligent Servo Drive

MaxTune Firmware 1.3.2 was released.

Also updated are the following related documents:

  • MaxTune PDF Flyer
  • MaxTune Quick Start Guide 5.3
  • MaxTune Varcom Reference PDF Manual 5.0
  • MaxTune CANopen for CAN and EtherCAT Drives Reference Manual 2.1
  • MaxTune HD Control Fine Tuning

MaxLink V1.3.2.3 (32-Bit Windows Installer) was also released together with the MaxLink Quick Start Guide 3.1.

Download the new versions of the software and documentation from the PBA Systems Website.

Case Studies

Microscopy and Tomography

Microscopy Tomography

To get a 3d image of an object, there are two popular approaches. One is by mounting the sensor at the side and rotating the sample. A 3d image can be reconstructed from the side images by using inverse radon transform.

Another approach would be to scan every point of the 3d object from the top down. This is microscopy.

For a 3d imaging project, both approaches were made possible by utilizing our X-Y custom low profile stage with a mounted PBA Systems PDDR Direct Drive Rotary motor. The X-Y stage, powered by PBA Systems DX B Ironless Linear Motors, was used for microscopy while the Direct Drive Rotary was used for tomography.

This full direct drive solution ensures that the mechanical components do not degrade over time and a responsive scanning motion with low settling time is achieved.

  • PBA Systems DX30B Ironless Linear Motor for X-Y stage
  • PBA Systems PDDR Direct Drive Rotary Motor for rotary motion
  • Driver : MaxTune (MT- 6/25- 230 AP1)
Passive Components Visual Inspection Machine

Passive Components Visual Inspection Machine

This visual inspection machine is used for CCD to inspect the electric element surface. These elements are moved by a rotary axis actuator. The main requirements of this rotary axis actuator are high precision operation in terms of low axial run-out and high surface flatness. The operational range of the focal length of CCD is within 1~3 micron, therefore actuator should to be capable of achieving such precision.

The customer had been using NSK DDR motor. And there were a lot of drawbacks on that system. In order to overcome the issues faced by the customer such as low precision, low accuracy and vibration produced by the NSK DDR motor, they decided to switch to PBA Systems PDDR Direct Driver Rotary Motor which meets the high precision requirements and is a cost-effective solution. The PBA Systems PDDR motor can also be driven by many open system drives, such as PBA MaxTune, Elmo Cornet, Panasonic A5L and etc.

Earlier Configuration Current Configuration
  • NSK DD motor
  • Driver – NSK DD motor drive
  • Controller – Standalone controller
  • PBA Systems PDDR 150-15-R
  • Panasonic A5L
  • Without controller

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