Direct Drive Rotary Motor (PDDRB Series) – NEW

High RPM, speed and precision – PDDRB is designed for high-speed precise rotary applications, including die-cutting and high-speed pick & place.

Optimally designed for high-speed precise rotary applications:

The PDDRB’s integrated high-resolution encoder design ensures precise motion profiles when directly mounting a rotary table/load, eliminating accuracy loss from mechanical power transmission, saving space, and simplifying machine design.

The PDDRB’s special iron core construction design enables the motor to achieve a very high torque with almost negligible cogging forces, which is most favourable for constant speed precision applications.

Key Features

  • High Speed
  • High Precision
  • Anti-Cogging Design
  • Space Saving
  • Zero Backlash
  • Centre hollow for wiring
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Versatile, easy integration to motion system
  • Low maintenance


  • Indexing rotary table
  • Die cutter & printing
  • Feeding and winding
  • High-speed pick & place



Detailed specifications are available at the DOWNLOADS section of this site.

PDDRB Series - Specifications table

TypeModelOuter Diameter
Continuous Torque
Peak Torque
Continuous Current
Peak Current
Max Speed
Flangeless typePDDRB135-9-I-B-A135391.584.758.3
Flangeless typePDDRB135-18-I-B-A1356182.066.198.3
Flangeless typePDDRB135-27-I-B-A1359273.7211.168.3
Flangeless typePDDRB175-18-I-B-A1756182.096.288.3
Flangeless typePDDRB175-36-I-B-A17512363.4110.228.3
Flangeless typePDDRB175-54-I-B-A17518544.2412.736.7
Flangeless typePDDRB230-36-I-B-A23012363.6510.948.3
Flangeless typePDDRB230-66-I-B-A23022664.7114.136.7
Flangeless typePDDRB230-102-I-B-A230341028.0924.266.7
Flangeless typePDDRB290-120-I-B-A290401207.4922.485
Flangeless typePDDRB290-180-I-B-A2906018011.7835.345
Flangeless typePDDRB360-330-I-B-A36010033013.440.214.2
Flangeless typePDDRB360-480-I-B-A36016048020.6461.934.2
Flangeless typePDDRB380-1000-I-B-A380330100016.9750.91.7
Flange typePDDRB135-9-I-B-F135392.026.078.3
Flange typePDDRB175-18-I-B-F1756182.126.368.3
Flange typePDDRB230-36-I-B-F23012363.6811.038.3
Note: Continuous force is measured under natural convection, refer to the detailed parameters table for more information.


Torque Chart for PDDRB Motor

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Part Numbering System

PDDRB Series –  Part Numbering System


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