Ironless Arc Motor (ARC Series)

  • Ironless Motor
  • High force output
  • Peak force up to 5366N, Continuous force up to 1073N
  • Ideal for high precision/smooth motion
  • Integrated with hall sensor

Optimally designed for low profile high precise arc applications.

PBA ARC Series is specifically designed for angular motion with constrained Arc motion, 360 degrees or multi-turn rotation motion. Powered by high-torque low-profile Ironless arc motors, the PBA ARC Series Motor can be arranged in a large centre hole of up to 1504 mm wide. Coupled with large-diameter circular encoder scale and arc or angular bearings PBA ACR Series motor can achieve exceptionally smooth, precise motion with higher accuracy & repeatability.

  • Higher Torque Direct-Drive Ironless Motor
  • Low-Profile Form Factor with Low Mass
  • Large Clear Aperture
  • Arc Motion, 360 Degree or Multi-Turn Rotation Motion
  • Zero Cogging and Exceptionally Smooth, Precise Motion
  • Fast Dynamic Response
  • High Positional Repeatability and Accuracy
  • High Speed and Acceleration
  • Zero Backlash
  • Integrated Hall Sensor and Temperature Sensor
  • Flexible Configuration with Multiple Coils And Multiple Tracks
  • Easy Assembly

Suitable Application

  • Semiconductor machine
  • Wafer processing and inspection equipment
  • Photonics
  • Biomedical equipment
  • Precision positioning stages
  • Lithium battery production
  • Laser processing machines
  • Printing machines


PBA ARC motors allow customers to configure the setup based on their needs. From multiple coils to increase torque output, or multiple tracks to increase range of motion. PBA ARC motors can accomplish up to 360 degrees of rotation.

PBA Systems – High-Performance Ironless ARC Motor

Specifications for ARC Series

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ARC Series - Specification table

ModelCoil SizeContinuous Torque
Peak Torque
Continuous Current
Peak Current
Coil Weight
Coil Angle
Note: Continuous force is measured under natural convection, refer to the detail parameters table for more information


Torque Chart for ARC Motor

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Part Numbering System

ARC Series –  Part Numbering System


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