Ironless Linear Motor (DX F Series)

  • Lightweight and superior precision
  • Zero backlash
  • Constant linear force and extremely dynamic velocity for quick acceleration and deceleration
  • Fast dynamic response resulting in faster settling time for any move
  • Modular hall effect sensor and over-temperature protection
  • Air Cooling option available

DX series’ ironless patented overlapping winding forcers provides excellent force density Vs coil size ratio resulting in high force and acceleration generation. DX Coil’s overlapping manufacturing technology allows for selection of smaller size motors in comparison against the competition due to its higher force density and further improved heat dissipation achieved through optional forced air-cooling methods.

All DX series forces are designed with high flex cables, modular hall effect sensor and over temperature protection (thermostats or PT100) that makes it the ideal choice for the most demanding applications. The Modular U-channel Magnet tracks available in 60mm length increments allows for easy assembly of un-restricted stroke length.

  • High Power Density
  • Zero Cogging
  • Low speed/torque ripple
  • Fast dynamic response
  • High speed and acceleration
  • Zero backlash
  • Modular hall sensor
  • Optional air-cooling configurations
  • Long strokes without performance loss
  • Easy assembly over long stroke lengths

Suitable Applications

  • Semiconductor Machine
  • FPD/LCD transfer
  • Hard disk drive
  • Photonics
  • Wire and Die Bonding
  • Laser processing machines
  • Biomedical equipment
  • Microscope stages
  • Diamond cutting
  • Lithium battery production
  • Micro Precise Fabrication
  • Precision stamping
  • Printing machines
  • Precision positioning stages
  • Packaging


Detailed specifications are available at the DOWNLOADS section of this site.

DX F Series - Specification table

Force (N)
Force (N)
Weight (Kg)
Length (mm)
W x H (mm)
DX20FC220980.126121.2 x 55.6
DX20FC3291470.189121.2 x 55.7
DX20FC4391960.2712121.2 x 55.8
DX20FC5492450.3615121.2 x 55.9
DX30FC1351740.226135.7 x 68.5
DX30FC2693470.4712135.7 x 68.6
DX30FC31045210.6518135.7 x 68.7
DX30FC41396950.8924135.7 x 68.8
DX30FC51748691.130135.7 x 68.9
DX50FC1643190.286138.7 x 93
DX50FC21286380.5612138.7 x 94
DX50FC31929580.8418138.7 x 95
DX50FC425512771.1224138.7 x 96
DX50FC638319151.6836138.7 x 97
DX65FC1805310.68550 x 122
DX65FC216010621.214551 x 122
DX65FC323915921.820552 x 122
DX65FC431921232.426553 x 122
DX65FC53992654332554 x 122
DX65FC647931853.638555 x 122
DX65FC863942464.850556 x 122
DX65FC107985308662557 x 122
DX65FC1295863697.274558 x 122
DX140FC11768790.88564.5 x 207
DX140FC235117571.5214564.5 x 208
DX140FC352726362.520564.5 x 209
DX140FC470335153.426564.5 x 210
DX140FC610545272538564.5 x 211
DX140FC8140670296.750564.5 x 212
DX140FC10175787878.462564.5 x 213



Force Chart for DX F Motor

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Part Numbering System

DX F Series –  Part Numbering System


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